It occurs to me that what I’d really like to do first is to fix or repeal any number of laws that were passed so long ago that nobody even really remembers why they came into being. Examples:
–The Cuban blockade was an obvious failure by , say, 1970. Kill that off & reopen full trade, tourism, etc.’
–The alternative minimum tax (AMT) is one of dozens (or possibly hundreds) of financial laws which was not indexed to anything. As a result, most of the middle class is now subject to a tax that was supposedly intended for the top 5%. Either fix these taxes and regulations or, better yet, kill them off.
–Price protections for regional food (e.g. corn, milk) producers. This might have been appropriate during the Great Depression, but, as with everything listed in this post, it’s long since stopped being anything but a boondoggle.

Somehow we managed to repeal the law requiring a person to walk in front of an automobile, waving a red flag to warn the horse-drawn carriages of its approach. Time to do the same for rather a lot of leftovers.