The laws are changing, but no reason to wait.  On Inauguration Day, I’ll be issuing a blanket pardon for every person convicted solely of possession, use, or sale of marijuana.   There are two reasons for this action.  First, this is a group of people with no violent-crime conviction, so I rather doubt they pose a threat to society (except, of course for the threat of not voting Republican).   The money saved in incarceration costs would be more than enough to open up treatment/rehab centers for the small percentage of these convicts who are addicts!   Second, since marijuana poses a miniscule health risk in comparison with either tobacco or alcohol, it’s way past time to classify legal and illegal substances in accordance with a validated medical scale.   

Oh, and I know I’ve said this before, but in addition to pardoning all the potheads, there will be an immediate end to private prisons of all types.   I’ll add that there’ll be an immediate end to solitary confinement on the rather obvious grounds that it’s cruel and abusive treatment.