I should have posted some of these promises sooner, but having watched Malala w/ John Stewart, the first statement in this post is:
There shall be no more illegal assassinations. Let me be perfectly clear (copyright RMN): every single death caused via a remotely piloted armed vehicle aka “drone” is an illegal act. If there should be a declared state of war, any means of killing combatants is allowed. But we have no declared war and we have no army as an enemy. For that matter, much as I’m glad OBL is dead, not only was that an illegal assassination, it was a blatantly illegal entry into a sovereign nation by members of our Armed Services. This is a sad thing to say, but were I President and the Government of Pakistan requested extradition, I’d send SealTeam 6 there to face charges of illegal entry, destruction of private property, and murder. I do not want the gov’t of the USA *ever* to break laws regardless of the situation.

The second statement concerns a problem within our borders: private prisons. My pledge: these will be shut down the day I take office. There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for a government to abandon its responsibility not only to the public but also to convicts. The existing private prisons operate essentially free from oversight, and validated reports of abuse (not to mention kickback deals with local govt’s/courts to keep the prisons full and profitable) abound. There’s an old saying allegedly from the criminal world, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.” I’ll adapt that to the people’s side: If we can’t provide proper incarceration facilities and programs, we shouldn’t convict. I recommend reading Conover’s “Newjack” , by the way.