Every now and then, it’s fun to grab a Nixon cliche, so, “Let me say this about that.” Here goes: killing any person of any nationality in any location, save during a declared war, is illegal. Whether it’s drones, SealTeam[pick a number] or covert agents who put plutonium in someone’s lunch, it’s just plain illegal. Of course there are various individuals and non-government organisations whose goal is terrorist or other attacks on our country, but when did we (the USA) decide it’s ok to act outside of our own set of laws and morals? Think back a bit: remember the many B-grade movies and TV shows in which the bad guys were the cops who went vigilante? The 180-degree flip on that attitude is something we all should be disgusted by. (not to mention the horror of ending sentences with a preposition 🙂 ).

I’ll sign off with a little comparison. Ask anyone who lived in Southie in the 70s and 80s whether Whitey Bulger committed the equivalent of terrorist acts. He’s responsible (OK, allegedly responsible) for dozens of murders. How come nobody ever suggested a CIA or military team be deployed to kill him?