Forget all those rich folk telling us how we all can become rich and successful.   It just ain’t gonna happen.  It never has happened.  Being rich is, for almost everyone in that category, about being in power.   The latest theme from these folk is that they can spend their money on charity much better than the government can.  Not only is that untrue, it’s hiding the fact that their spending can change on a whim.  The charities they support are completely beholden to them, and that is just plain wrong.   This country grew big and strong, and there is no excuse for sharing that amongst all of us.  And, yeah,  that is socialist.

So here’s the deal:  remember all that stuff about immigrants, our grandparents and parents, working like crazy to make a better life for us?   Well, what is the point of all that if we continue to insist that everyone work like a dog to meet some “ethic” ?   You’re being presented with a false dichotomy: that either you work like a maniac or you’re a welfare queen.   There is absolutely nothing wrong with deciding that doing an honest job and getting reasonable compensation is more than good enough.   I’m not implying that people who wish to dedicate their lives to a job should not be allowed to do so.  I’m just sayin’  (sorry)  that the standard of living and levels of productivity are more than good enough to allow the majority of us to work 35-hour weeks with 6-8 weeks of vacation, not to mention a properly funded retirement.