As President,  I’ll push as hard as I can to get full single-payer (or Universal, if you like) health care in place.   I’ll  merge unemployment and welfare programs into a single system which provides funding to ensure everyone  has acceptable housing, food, and access to education (more on public education later).   Yes, there will always be welfare cheats, but  my approach is to recognize that a system which helps 99% of the people is going to have to live with some small fraud ratio.  That’s reality.    And just to be perfectly clear:  this includes VA medical and health benefits.   As far as I’m concerned (and keep in mind I’m about as antiwar as one can get),  anyone who agrees to put his or her health and life at risk in the military gets health care forever, whether a career soldier or a one-tour signup.

Despite what the TeaPublicans  have been claiming for years, Social Security is neither broken nor broke.   Long before the current  system runs out,  I’ll change the payroll tax so it is no longer regressive.   Salary below some factor of the official poverty level will be exempt from FICA tax;  all income above that level will be taxed.  Yes, that includes capital gains tax and any other “non-salary” income.   Forget the alleged “great work ethic” which people far richer than you talk about,  implying that any poor slob who doesn’t live and die for his job deserves to be out of work.  We should be working towards a system which drastically increases, not decreases, our time off and our retirement years.

Back to that word “social,” or its highly dissed cousin, “socialism.”   There is a very good reason a certain German political party, and a certain loose conglomerate of SIno-Russian countries,  put the word “Socialist” into their names.   Pretty much every non-totalitarian country, with the obvious exception of large portions of the USA, recognize that  limited Socialism is a very good thing for any political system.   Think about it:  if every road in this country were privately owned and maintained (and most likely burdened with tolls),  would we really be living a better life?    If a free-market system is really better, how come there is such a thing as the Small Business Administration? All those small businesses should *not* be eligible for Federal loans?