It should be blatantly obvious that the “War on Drugs” violates the first rule of Economics: where there’s a demand, there’ll be a supply.  Drug (mis)use is a medical problem, not a legal one.  I’ll eliminate absolutely all exoborder antidrug operations, place marijuana  in the same category as alcohol, and grant a full pardon to everyone in prison whose drug-related convictions do not include violent crimes or DUI.    

Next,  the “War on Terrorism” will be removed 100% from the military.  There will be no more  assassinations either locally or globally.  If someone’s committed a crime against the US, we can darn well charge and try them.  Intelligence-gathering (this time with legal  search warrants) will be under a police structure, in concert with other nations.   Along with this,  the TSA will be shut down entirely so far as commercial travel is concerned.  If an airline corporation chooses to hire its own security services, that’s its own business.  Let the people flying decide what level of security they want to deal with and pay for.  Notice that I am not going to shut down security inspection of freight carriers.  Smuggling — in or out of the USA — needs to be addressed.